A Virtual Secretary, or Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA, Why would you need one of these?

If carrying out your day to day invoicing, appointment making tele-sales, accounts and general administration is preventing you getting out on actual work appointments, the time has come to take on a Virtual PA.

If you are so busy working, and there is never enough time to actually raise and send out the invoices for work done, you need a Virtual PA, otherwise you will soon experience cash-flow problems.

If you spend more time on  administration than actually working on your core profession, you need a Virtual PA.

If the answer to any of the above was “yes” then you need a Virtual PA.

Your Virtual PA will manage your admin work far more efficiently than you can, and the cost will be far less to your company if you are out working on your core business rather than trying to cope with all the admin yourself.

There are many many reasons for having a PA, even if it is part time, we are on call full time, and can help you out as and when you need us. We can answer your telephone, either all of the time, or just when you are busy, or on holiday, and no wages or sick pay to worry about!Even if you don’t need a Virtual PA on a full time basis, we can answer your telephone as and when required, either all of the time, or when you are in meetings or away on holiday or even just on a very busy day.

You won’t need to hire an expensive office and pay extremely high rent and utility bills, just pay for the time you need and no more.

By using a Virtual PA you can continue to work from your home office and not have the inconvenience of a third person coming into your home.

Flexibility is one great asset of the Virtual PA, sometime you may need help more or less full time and at other times only need part time help, by using a Virtual PA you only pay for the time you need.

With the modern internet and telephone systems your Virtual PA doesn’t have to live nearby, they will be in constant contact whatever the distance between you and them.

Your Virtual PA is the person to delegate all the work you don’t actually need to do to.

Some of this work will include the following
*        Answering and returning telephone calls
*        Answering E-mails
*        Drafting and posting letters and marketing campaigns
*        Diary management, booking appointments and managing your time
*        Co-ordinating you marketing
*        Design your presentations
*        Book your holiday’s, flight tickets, hotel reservations
*        Finding presents, cards and arranging flowers
*        Making dentist and health appointments for the family
*        Organise your weekly shop (on-line)
*        create your website
*        Host your website and email
*        SEO the website to get on top of search engine listings
*        Design your marketing campaign

The cost of a VA is easily offset by the increased time you will have and greater productivity.

Visit us at www.ayc.ltd.uk

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